Our Mission: Meet the Crew!

Welcome to our Boutique Blog! I want  to start out by explaining our mission. Our biggest goal is to have awesome unique things for our amazing customers, while keeping our prices affordable! We want everyone to be able to shop at our store and feel like they are getting an awesome deal!

We love all of our customers, and nothing is better than getting to know each and every one of you! We want everyone to feel at home here! If you need advice or a friend while shopping we got your back! 🙂

Let’s take a moment to get to know the team here at The Boutique.

25036502_813589498825153_4508867744061456384_n 11203027_1844792969078714_512871689_n

The three ladies who started it all!! This awesome team of ladies created what everyone loves as The Boutique today! A power team of Mother (Trudy) and her two awesome daughters (Denise & Erin) make the perfect team. They all work their magic together to pick some of the cutest clothes and accessories on the planet for our store! Yup, they are pretty much all stars!

         52615740_261441978142487_798884411935989030_n     39351967_425717501288066_100182848073367552_n

Meet Jessica! She has been with us for quite a few years now. She is sure to always lend a helping hand with a smile on her face. She helps work with the all star team to ensure our store has everything it needs!

65603589_174464970235608_8576181956674269047_n                                               Jodi on the left, Greta on the right.

Greta and Jodi complete our amazing team! They know a thing or two about the latest styles and trends and are always here to help!

We all work together here to make your shopping experience a memorable one! We are very passionate in what we do! We want you to have as much fun here as we do! So come and join in on the fun and see what’s new in The Boutique! Our inventory is changing constantly, so even if you’re a local there will most likely be something new each time you join us! We can’t wait to make you look and feel fabulous! 



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