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      Skinny or Wide Leg Jeans!?

      Skinny or Wide Leg Jeans!?

      Hey guys! 

      I have been seeing a huge controversy lately on social of the latest fashion trend and that is that WIDE LEG JEANS ARE BACK! Some think this is hard to believe. I want to know how are you all feeling about this!?

      Personally I am open to both styles. I feel that both skinny and wide leg jeans are great options. I don't believe that skinnies are totally out so I would recommend holding on to them. I feel they are always going to be a sleek and classic go to. While wide legs are fun and lets be honest a bit more comfortable! I am glad to welcome them back with open arms! 

      Some people I follow on social though.. not so much. Some people just think wide legs are long gone out of style and totally outrageous. Which if I remember correctly when skinny jeans first became popular a lot of people were completely against them. Soon to find out that they made wearing boots a whole lot easier and worked a lot better for certain frames. 

      Like all trends some people are going to love it and some people will just never understand it.. but for now the fact is that WIDE LEGS ARE REALLY BACK! You can let us know your thoughts on the matter if you would like we would love to hear peoples opinions!

      You can send us an email at 

      Until next time-

      Jessica :)